Friday, October 26, 2007

Sapphire for Your Thoughts...

Here are some random stories that have added some amusement to my life in recent always welcome!

- Dining - I was at Burrito Loco in Greenwich Village last weekend (a spectacular place to eat) and was seated next to a group of four 22-24 yr old girls (my best guess). They were all immaculately dressed and looked stunning from head to toe as if they had an amazing gala to attend after dinner - I was impressed. Nevertheless, this all changed when the bill arrived - it took them 30 minutes to divide the bill to determine exactly how much each owed...down to the penny! Then they proceeded to calculate the tip....after another 20 minutes of deliberation, they ultimately ended up leaving change as part of the tip. The whole ordeal made for great dinnertime entertainment.

- Shopping - have you ever noticed that you don't always get your money's worth in terms of product quality with shopping for luxury brands? So, why do we pay so much for brand names? And I'm certainly not ragging on anyone who loves the labels, because I am guilty as sin of this charge! However, in my latest shopping excursions, I've come across the following: Sweaters with buttons falling off, unsewn seams and loose threads at Henri Bendel, Joe's Jeans with missing buttons at Barney's and the latest, a pair of boots from Prada that get more worn out after 2 weeks of wear than boots from Nine West after 2 years! Correct me if I'm wrong, you don't come across such oversights in quality when shopping at Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, do you? Despite all of this, I'll still continue to shop at these places without a thought or doubt in my mind that I'm making a mistake, but nevertheless, it's been amusing. On a related note, check out Bendel's wonderful new website - just launched this week, you can finally shop Bendel's online!!

Until next time... have an amusing weekend and gather the tidbits of sapphire - they make for great small talk!