Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok, so I stopped in at Prada on 5th Ave in NYC this morning and saw the most outrageous thing - a story that'll definitely make you say "no freakin way!"

While I was perusing the store, I saw a bag (a gorgeous black bag) that ...well, the picture says it best! The "D" in "PRADA" is backwards!! Seriously?!? At Prada on 5th Avenue?? Don't they have any Quality Assurance process in place to check the bags anywhere between Milan and NYC?

I still can't believe it. I did point it out to one of the Prada reps and I'm pretty sure she was embarrased - after all, I was embarrased for them!!! It's humorous to know that sometimes the fake might actually look more real than the real thing! At least the counterfeiters TRY to make it look real!