Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Inspiration

So, I haven't found much to write about recently so this blog has been quite quiet...however, I have new inspiration which comes in the form of a very sexy fictional character named Edward Cullen.

Girls - if you haven't already met Edward Cullen, you MUST immediately read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. You'll fall madly in love....immediately!

Guys - Read Twilight, Be Edward.

Just to introduce you to this impossibly perfect man, here are some of my favorite quotes from the Twilight Saga (and this isn't even the full list!)
- “I adore you”
- “I told you I wasn’t going to live without you…”
- “You are my life”
- “You are the only thing it would hurt me to lose”
- “I promise to love you forever--every single day of forever. Will you marry me?”
- “If I could dream at all, it would be about you and I’m not ashamed of it”
- “Your hold is permanent and unbreakable…never doubt that”
- “When I told you I didn’t want you…it was the very darkest form of blasphemy”
- “You are the most important thing to me now…the most important thing to me ever”
- "I know you think that I have some kind of perfect, unyielding self-control, but that's not actually the case"
- "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating"
- "Do you want me to sing to you? I'll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away"
- “By the way, I'm not leaving you”
- “I'll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me i promise...look after my heart I've left it with you”
- “Could you believe, despite all that I've put you through, that I love you, too?”
- “Bella... would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?”
- “Do you have any idea of how much you mean to me? How much I love you?”
- “I thought I'd explained it clearly before. Bella, I can't live in a world where you don't exist.”
- “Do I dazzle you?”
- “Then I sighed, and opened the window as wide as it would go”
- “Don't be ridiculous, Bella, I'm just trying to illustrate the benefits of the bed you don't seem to like. Don't get carried away.”
- “Of course I do, you silly, oversensitive girl. Doesn't everyone? I feel like there's a line behind me, jockeying for position, waiting for me to make a big enough mistake...You're too desirable for your own good.”
- “You will be the death of me, I swear you will!”
- “If you bring her back in less than the perfect condition I left her in, you'll be running with three legs dog.”
- “Death that had sucked the honey of thy breath hath had no power yet upon thy beauty”
- “Bella control yourself. I could kill you. Do I always have to be the responsible one?”
- “I know, Bella. Believe me, I know. It's like you've taken half myself away with you”
- “You don't see yourself clearly..., you are far from ordinary”
- “I swear to you, we will try. After you marry me”
- “Do you have any idea how painful it is, trying to refuse you when you plead with the way?”
- “You are so beautiful”
- “You look sexy. very sexy really”
- “Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love”
- “If leaving is the right thing to do, then I'll hurt myself to keep from hurting you, to keep you safe.-“
- “He called you pretty....that's practically an insult, the way you look right now. You're much more than beautiful”
- “I could see it in your eyes, that you honestly believed that I didn't want you anymore. The most absurd, ridiculous concept---as if there were any way that I could exist without needing you!”
- “It was like my heart was gone---like I was hollow. Like I'd left everything that was inside me here with you”

Are you melting yet??