Saturday, December 1, 2007


I’ve recently been introduced to a fun little free-ware photo-editing program called GIMP. I was looking for a free version of Adobe Photoshop to create fun holiday cards when my brother told me to check out After a several frustrating hours of playing around , I finally figured out how to extract photos from backgrounds and place them strategically into other pictures. Now I'm addicted to this fun little program - check out some of my creations...for example, me hanging out with my favorite rat pack cuties:
or, my husband and me posing for the paparazzi with our with good friends, Tom, Katie, Vic, David, Jada and Will:

So, as a beginner, GIMP is absolutely ideal for all my photo-editing needs. If you have ever found yourself struggling with cut & paste pictures to create picture to make your friends laugh (or jealous), you should definitely try GIMP!